Cell Biology, Protein Biology & Immunology

Cell Biology

In vitro Drug Screening Assays using Mammalian Cells
  • Cancer (Cytotoxicity, Proliferation, Apoptosis)
  • Diabetes (Glucose uptake, enzyme assays, insulin signaling pathway)
  • Inflammatory Disorders (Pro & anti-inflammatory cytokines)
Development of Cell Lines:
  • Stable Transfected Cell Lines
  • Transient Transfected Cell Lines
Cell Sorting & Analysis (FACSCalibur, FACSAria, autoMACS)
  • Cell Sorting
  • Stem Cell / Immune Cell Characterization
  • Cell Cycle Analysis
  • Cell Migration & Proliferation assays
  • Mitochondrial Membrane Potential
  • Detection of micronuclei
  • Apoptotic analysis
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Protein Biology

Characterisation of Proteins
  • Extraction and Quantification of Total Proteins from Cells & Tissues
  • Molecular Weight Determination by SDS-PAGE Analysis
Assessment of Protein Expression:
  • SDS – PAGE & Immunoblot Analysis
Cloning & Expression of Proteins
  • Scanning of Gels (Agarose, SDS & 2D-Gels) & Membranes using Typhoon FLA 9500 Biomolecular Imager
Documentation of Gels & Blots
  • Bacterial Cloning and Transformation
  • Transfection into Mammalian Cells
  • Single-plex ELISA using Multi-mode Microplate Reader
  • Multiplex ELISA using CiraScan Imager
  • Multiple Bioanalyte Quantification using LUMINEX 200 Microbead-based Analysis
Biochemical Assays
  • Membrane Stabilization Assay
  • Inhibition of Albumin Denaturation Assay
  • Protease Inhibition Assay
Anti-oxidant Screening
  • Oxygen Radical Absorbing Capacity (ORAC) Determination Assay
  • Thiobarbituricacid Reducing Substances (TBARS) Assay
  • DPPH Assay
  • ABTS Assay

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