Flavor and Fragrance

Want to learn more about the nature of flavours in a product? How to ensure that the product’s organoleptic properties of taste and aroma will stand the test of time?


Whatever be the fragrance and flavour challenge, Tamilnadu Test House can help you with the analysis and study of aromatizing substances and volatile compounds in foodstuffs, non-food and packaging materials. TNTH adopts different analytical techniques such as GC/FID, GC/FPD and GC/MS to determine volatile compounds and/or aromatizing substances. Studies on aromatizing substances and volatile compounds are performed on the basis of extraction protocols & analysis which are specifically developed based on the matrices and aromatizing substances.


Quality control and shelf-life

Flavour stability is a study to verify whether a flavouring or semi-finished product retains the desired aromatic profile during production processes like heating, sterilization and pasteurization. Our analysis can also support quality control programs by detecting changes occurring in the flavour within the same batch or across different batches.


TNTH also performs quantification of volatile compounds in herbal and dietary products, flavourings and food ingredients with potential allergenic effects. To assess flavour and fragrance variations of food products we conduct tests to figure out the shelf life for food manufacturers. These studies are performed in real time or in simulated conditions. We can also help verify the authenticity of fragrances in any of the natural raw materials used in cosmetics, detergents or foodstuffs.


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Product development

Developing flavour formulations can be a very challenging task. TNTH experts work in tandem with the client to monitor flavour performance in new or different ingredient formulations and provide recommendations on improving the aromatic profile of the product.


Instrumental analysis of the volatile composition is a complementary tool to descriptive sensory analysis. Our flavour labs can decipher the flavour profile both quantitatively and qualitatively. And identify the organoleptically interesting flavours, distinguishing them from less relevant volatile compounds.

Evaluation of product defects

Tamilnadu Test House helps identification of off-flavours by performing organoleptic analysis and volatile compounds screening on all kinds of food and non-food products. Analyses like these may help in identifying microbiological spoilage processes, based on which further microbiological testing to identify the exact source might be recommended. Once the exact cause is identified, our experts will advise on further steps for investigation of possible sources and other corrective measures.

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