Know your water

The title might sound a little out of order and you must be wandering what can be there to know about water. The water we drink is not the only form of water in fact it is not a natural form water. Be it natural or fabricated form here are the different types of water that you get.

Different types of water:

Hard water – this is a form of natural water that is high in mineral and is found in lakes, rivers, etc.

Boiled water – any type of water when boiled to make it germ free is said to be boiled water

Raw water – this form of water may be hardened by calcium or may be soft rain water, but contains heavy germs which if consumed can affect the body adversely.

Snow water – this is a form of raw water in frozen state.

Filtered water – this is one of the most traditional form of fabricated water that is made fit to drink. Minerals like carbon and other substances are used to strain water through it making it pure enough to drink.

Reverse osmosis – this is one of the most modern technique of fabricating and purifying water. The germs are separated making this the best form of drinking water in the recent times.

De ionized water – here the hard water ions are changed into soft water ions which looks like a distilled water but is similar to that of a reverse osmosed water.

Distilled water – this is the purest form of water that exists on earth. They are fabricated by first evaporating the water leaving behind the germs and then condensation is done to get back water.

The various types of tests to determine the quality of water :

Water testing is important to know the quality of water that you drink. With heavy water contamination and pollution water testing becomes the most important thing to determine the health.

Here are the different types of tests done on water to mark it safe for drinking:

Dissolved oxygen – this test is made to see whether the water can support life.

Turbidity – this test is done to see the clarity of the water. Mainly the capacity of sunlight penetrating the water is checked in Water Testing Labs.

Total solids – there are six types that are classified as total solids. The test is done to see the content of the six total solids in the water.

PH level – the test is done in Water Testing Labs to see the capacity of water to support aquatic life.

The rate of flow and temperature in water-different factors affect the temperature and the flow rate of water. The test is mainly done to check the contamination of the water measuring the temperature and the buoyancy of the water.

Nitrate – nitrate is an important thing needed to support life and maintain purity. The test is done to see the nitrate content.

Fecal coliform – a bacteria that damages the human digestive system and the test is done to determine the presence of this bacteria in the water.

Biochemical Oxygen Demand – there are certain microorganisms that contaminate water. The test is done to see the contamination by organic species.

Phosphorous – the test is done to determine the phosphorous content in water which is important for aquatic life support.

The above mentioned tests are done all across in India with a significant number of water testing labs in Chennai as well. If you want to get your drinking water tested then take the samples to your nearest Water Testing Labs in Chennai and drink pure and safe water.