Food Contact Material

Any material which comes in contact with the food needs to be controlled to avoid the risk of contamination and as well ensure compliance with health and safety requirements.


From raw materials to finished products, Tamilnadu Test House will provide assistance in the choice of an accurate analytical solutions to help ensure that the products are compliant with international regulatory standards. Our analyses will demonstrate the compliance and suitability for food contact materials including plastic objects, ceramics, regenerated cellulose, metals and metal alloys, rubber, paper, cardboard, glass, wood, cork and any other material which are not specifically regulated. Our high-quality testing services include comprehensive written reports in accordance with legal requirements to assess product compliance.


Other analytical services

We offer analytical services dedicated towards materials that might come into contact with food which includes physical-chemical characterisation. This helps manufacturers to evaluate every aspect of the products including design, production, consumer usage and disposal.

Analysis and evaluation of characteristics of polymeric materials:

  • Evaluation resistance
  • Assessing Environmental impact
  • Studying Biodegradability and compostability studies
Sensory analysis
  • Olfactory and taste analysis
  • Olfactory and Off-Flavor (taint) analysis in paper and board intended to come into contact with food.
Regulatory support and risk assessment

We offer Technical and regulatory support adhering to international regulations:

  • Evaluating technical documents to identify the critical characteristics of materials and draft specific analytical protocols
  • Evaluating compliance of positive lists of substances which are used in the production of materials according to specific guidelines. (E.g. plastics, paper, rubber, etc.)
  • Evaluating conformity declaration for food contact products
  • Evaluating labeling compliance with the regulations in place
  • Documentation and training support services based on client requirement

Tamilnadu Test House Private Limited offers wide range of Food testing services



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Nutritional Labeling


Quality Analysis


Contaminants and Residues


Microbial Analysis

vitamin analysis in Chennai,

Authenticity testing


Allergen Control


Food borne virus deduction


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