What are the points to consider before choosing the right soil testing lab?

What are the points to consider before choosing the right soil testing lab?

Soil testing methods unlocks the secret behind maximizing crop yield while maintaining a safe and healthy growing environment. Fertilizer analysis labs like ours help you measure the alkalinity of the soil and to take your production at its peak without affecting the environment. By the end of this post, you will learn about the objectives of soil test and points to consider before choosing the right soil testing lab for your farm.

Objectives of soil testing:

Recommending crop varieties depending on salinity, acidity, and alkalinity of the soil

  • Optimizing plant nutrient through the right amount of manures and fertilizers
  • Determining the level of macro and micro nutrients in the soil to pass on the nutrient to the crop during any particular season
  • Study the fertility status of a farm for a particular crop cultivation

Types of soil test

Being one of the leading Agriculture Testing Labs in Chennai, we rely on various scientific principles to bring the best results for you. Some of the tests conducted in our lab are:

  • Moisture Content Test
  • Specific Gravity Test
  • Strength and Deformation Testing
  • Permeability Testing
  • Atterberg Limits Test
  • Dry Density Test
  • Classification and Index Property Tests

How to select the best lab for soil testing?

Below mentioned are some of the points to consider while choosing the best soil testing labs in Chennai:


The ability to produce accurate and timely results determine the proficiency of a soil testing lab. The soil results at Test House are not only backed by standard procedures but also minimizes error gap maintaining the integrity of the results. Our scientists closely monitor the samples and provide you with a precise report summary for each soil-test method.

Accurate test methods

Our geo-scientists follow analytical test methods based on valid research data to determine the soil characteristics. We also ensure that the test results are be of high quality, credible, and meaningful.

Quality control

The lab must continuously evaluate its quality by sticking to the revised standard principles from time to time. We offer plenty of research backed quality control measures to help you identify potential issues in the soil.

Other testing services

Price check, professional credentials of the lab scientists, availability of sample information and test results are a few of the other considerations you must take into account while choosing the best Fertilizer analysis labs for your crop.

When it comes to agriculture testing labs in Chennai, Tamil Nadu Test House is your reliable and certified partner to help you reach the optimum soil health. From fertilizations to crop management, our proficient team is here to help you get a productive environment with the right insights and approaches. Get in touch with us now.