Total Polar Compounds In Cooking Oil

FSSAI, through a draft notification issued recently, has fixed the Total Polar Compounds (TPCs) for Fresh vegetable oils/fats to be not more than 15%. Further, according to the authority, used vegetable oil/fat with TPCs more than 25% should not be used for frying. Tamilnadu Test House offers services to check the total polar compounds in oils using Frying Oil Meter which accurately reads the total polar compounds in packed oils, fresh oils and frying oils.

Why TPM needs to be tested?

Edible vegetable oils are used in frying foods. During frying, the quality of oil deteriorates. Using the oil repeatedly for frying leads to changes in the physio-chemical, nutritional and sensory properties which result in the formation of Total Polar Compounds (TPC) making the oil unfit for human consumption. Reports have related these compounds to several diseases such as hypertension, atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, liver disease etc.

At present, the following provisions in Schedule 4 Part V- Specific Hygienic and Sanitary Practices are to be followed by Food Business Operators engaged in catering/food service Establishments

  • Reuse of cooking oil should be avoided.
  • It is advisable to reuse cooking up to three times as the maximum limit.
  • Vegetable oil with a Total Polar Compound of more than 25% shall not be used

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